Product Development

Expert Guidance

Have a great product idea and need help bringing it to life? You need a team of experts to guide you through each step of the product development process. That’s where New York Bakery comes in. From perfecting your recipe, sourcing the finest quality ingredients, developing an unbeatable and delicious taste, all the way to proper packaging and distribution.  We provide expertise in every stage of development.

State of the Art Facility

Our facility can handle a wide array products and order volumes. With a state of the art facility spanning 60,000 square feet including multiple production lines, our facility is equipped to handle any stage of development, as well as any challenge that may arise.

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance Program provides our customers peace of mind in knowing that their products meet the quality and safety they demand. We incorporate a multitude of standards, testing, communication checks, and personnel oversight throughout our facility.  We are NSF Certified.