About Us

New York Bakery is a full service bakery located in Syracuse, New York.


Quality is our #1 priority. By incorporating modern efficiencies into our baking and by continually training all of our employees, our bread consistently exceeds our customer’s standards. At New York Bakery, we meticulously monitor the entire baking process to ensure all products meet expected requirements and quality control.

Our History


Upon arriving in America from Greece in 1951, our grandfather, Chris Christou, found work at Columbus Bakery in Syracuse, New York from where he went on to open Solvay Bakery in 1956.


By 1963, Chris Christou’s hard work was rewarded by receiving product orders from major supermarkets, making Solvay Bakery the largest of its kind in the area.


In 1977, our father, Jim Christou’s passion for the family business fueled his decision to purchase New York Bakery which was originally founded in 1927 in Syracuse.


By 1986, Jim Christou’s commitment to his customers and dedication to his business expanded New York Bakery from a small storefront to a 10,000 square foot facility. Like our father who worked everyday after school learning the trade, we three brothers, Mike, Petros, and Chris worked alongside of our father and Grandpa was always around to help.


In 1999, the third generation of the Christou family dedicated themselves to the success of the family’s business and securing New York Bakery’s future for generations to come in it’s 60,000 square foot bakery.


Today, the company continues to grow and prosper under the direction of Mike, Petros, and Chris as they carry on the history that is at the heart of New York Bakery and offer their own personal commitment to product quality and service excellence.